With Crown Imperial custom sized panels you can build around your choice of freestanding refrigeration. The biggest decision with refrigeration is whether to have it built-in hidden behind a kitchen door, or to go for freestanding. There are a multitude of options that your Crown Specialist can guide you through. Not to mention innovative products like refrigerated drawers and wine coolers to consider.


Cooking appliances are one of the key decisions when planning your new kitchen. Built-in range cooker, hob, extractor, gas, electric, induction, steam, pyrolytic are all different types of appliances that, as Crown Specialists, we can discuss with you.


Further enhance your kitchen with some beautiful finishing touches. Upgrade your drawers to premium stainless steel, silk white or black. We also have a dovetailed oak drawers to enhance that country style kitchen.


Accessorise your kitchen and make it totally unique to you. Add the perfect handles, maximise your cupboard space with our innovative range of storage solutions. Change the mood of the kitchen with some unique lighting. Your Crown Specialist has a huge catalogue of options for you…


Apart from the kitchen furniture, your worksurface is the most visible element. Your choice may not only be aesthetic, but may be influenced by function. If you want an undermounted sink this will influence the type of surface you require…


Sinks and Taps come in many shapes, sizes, materials and finishes. Your Crown Specialist has a wealth of product knowledge to help you select the right products to complement your Crown Imperial kitchen. Here are a few products and tips that might give you some ideas…